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Cutting Edge Solutions - Bulletproof Si 6 (CES3341)

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Cutting Edge Solutions - Bulletproof Si 6 (CES3341)
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In trace amounts, silicon forms silicon enzyme complexes, which function in metabolic roles in photosynthesis and respiratory processes. It has important roles in the formation of new leaves, pollination, fruit formation and fruit storage. Significant increases in yield have been attributed to the addition of silicon to the feed schedule. Bulletproof Si 5% has additional natural components including amino acids and Ascophyllum nodosum, facilitating an enhanced uptake, translocation and effectiveness. It also provides an elicitor and promotes positive growth regulation.


Cutting Edge Solutions

Cutting Edge Solutions was founded by John Piccirili and August Mayo in 2000 in Northern California. Pairing their knowledge of plant nutrition and organic chemistry, the two began research and development that focused on identifying the key nutritional requirements – particularly relating to hydroponic gardening – and began formulating a new approach to complete plant nutrition. Cutting Edge’s three part nutrient program Grow/Micro/Bloom is highly concentrated and will leave fewer salts on your soil or hydroponic medium, giving you the best bang for your buck. You will notice an improvement in plant health when switching to Cutting Edge Solutions from other three part nutrients.

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