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SunGro Horticulture - Sunshine #4 with Mycorrhizae 3 cf (SUGRMIX4MYCO)

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SunGro Horticulture - Sunshine #4 with Mycorrhizae 3 cf (SUGRMIX4MYCO)
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60 lb
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Sunshine Mix #4 with Mycorrhizae is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening. This high drainage mix is known for its consistent performance. Formulated with Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss for increased moisture retention, optimum air exchange and high cation exchange capacity (CEC) plus coarse perlite for amplified root zone aeration. Sunshine Mix #4 is the growers choice for a professional light weight growing medium. We include a multiple strain mycorrhizal blend, so you achieve maximum results. After the first two irrigations you will be in total control of your fertility program. The lime, gypsum and proprietary wetting agent combine to make Sunshine Mix #4 with Mycorrhizae the professional quality mix which meets the needs of serious minded growers.


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